praise for skylark

"If Miles Davis or John Coltrane could verbalize their notes into a song of life, it would resemble the gem Skylark. This story literally dances in waves of syncopation. I was caught up in its magic and mystery."
– David Leonard/ Spiritual teacher;
creator of Dancing with Beloved

"Like so many of the X generation, I was raised by a single mom. Most of us can emphatically state, 'I learned everything from my mother.' Reading Skylark, however, turned things in the other direction. I learned so much about my mom! I laughed out loud as her sharp sense of humor, which I knew so well, sparkled on the page. I cried as I found her writing to be lyrical and beautiful, as well as gritty and honest. Who knew she had this voice named Harriet inside her? I was honored to be the first to read Skylark as it unfolded. Now I am thrilled that others might also discover this magical story of one woman finding the life she thought she'd misplaced."
– Margret Carnes Hafner

" . . . as dressmakers use tried and true designs, so do writers often resort to old formulas. In Skylark, Carol Carnes has cut new patterns for fiction writing."
– Jane Claypool/ author of Wise Women Don't WorryWise Women Don't Sing the Blues and many works of historical fiction; Children's Book Writer of the Year, 1981

"When Carol Carnes asked me to read her Skylark manuscript she had only one request: that I read it in one sitting. Inside my home office, door closed, husband and son warned off, I was not far into her story when I began hoping that I would edit this book - not because it needed so much work but because I so wanted to protect it. Like a great indie movie with its own complex and quirky personality, Skylark is insightful, funny and complete with characters you either innately know or want to know. They are the impetus that keeps you turning pages. They don't lay claim to wisdom. They make no attempts to be flawless or pontificating. They're real like you and me. Each in his or her own fashion copes with questions of purpose and fulfillment and love amid debasement and the daily rudeness and wonder that comes with growing up, no matter what age. Skylark takes you into issues of race, child abuse, and the spirit's quest for self love, all while enlightening you with its sharp edged wit. You'll have fun with this book, I'm certain, and you might even be inspired."
– Denise Renee O'Connor / Editor 

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