Feb 20, 2018

You Are the Main Character in Your Story

Most of us can still sing the theme songs of our favorite tv shows from our childhoods. We know all the words even if we haven't heard them in 50 years! Theme songs take us back immediately to our favorite episodes and characters. What if our lives were the treasured entertainment of some outer observer? What would be our theme song? It is a funny thing to contemplate, or maybe not so amusing! Are you the star of a situation comedy, a crime drama, a medical show or a competition? What is the theme of your life?

We each live in the music of our mind, as it were. Perhaps we have changed the chords somewhat, but the melody always seeps through. Meaning, of course, that our deeper beliefs about life and who we are will forever sing their song, until and unless we awaken to our real self and the true power we possess. Everyone of us is a seeker, underneath all our pretense at being "fine." We are looking for something that will lift us out of ordinariness into the thrill of living.

Joseph Campbell once said "What we really want is to feel fully alive." That is so true. The times we felt fully alive are our best memories. Those were the episodes we cherished, the peak moments. Interestingly, a spiritually awake person can feel that in the most mundane moments; petting the cat, hearing the birds, looking at the ocean, or even in the midst of the city seeing all the different faces, no two alike.

Today let's imagine that someone is filming us. We are the main character in this story. Write it, score it; live it fully. Make today your favorite show.

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