Oct 12, 2017

Yin and Yang

In the Tao it is said the yin and the yang create each other, giving flow to life. Everything is a vibration and when in harmony with itself, creates beauty. The Yin and the Yang are the masculine and Feminine qualities of Being. If one is negated and even abused, there will be no flow to life. It will be unbalanced and under the threat of imploding itself. This is the case in our shared reality right now.

What we are seeing in wars and violence and greed and the need to conquer and divide is the Masculine running amok without its counter, its rightful partner, the Feminine. What does she bring to the vibration? She is relational; she sees the future; she thinks beyond this moment; she includes the whole; in fact she thinks from the whole to the part not from the part to the whole as the masculine does.

When they dance together, it is Nature at her best. Things seem to appear in a natural order, supply is forthcoming and love is a very practical experience. It is the masculine that has created what we think of as romance; the chase, the conquering of the female, the winning of her hand etc. She wants home and stability for her future children. She is only his prize for a short time, then she gets down to the business of nurturing a family. It causes trouble in couples who do not understand how it all works. I suggest everyone read "We" by Robert Johnson, a Jungian scholar. The Yin and the Yang each have an important place in life. But one without the other is tragic and always leads to devastation.

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