Feb 7, 2018

Yes I Am

This week we have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the labor of the worlds' athletes at the Winter Olympics. For the most part, they are very young. They have spent most of their lives training for just this moment. Along the way there have been wins and losses, all seen as part of the life. No champion wins every match, every game, every contest. We see them as talented, and indeed they are, but talent isn't enough.

Those who made it to this level are those who never gave up; who took defeat as a learning experience; who refused to let go of the dream. Plenty of equally talented youngsters will not be there for one reason or another. Ruling out injury, often it is the inability to withstand the pressures of competition at a level where everyone is as good as you. Much of the winning package is mental. The ability to stay in the "zone" as it were, comes from a self-confidence that is not in any way arrogant.

It is the "Yes I can" attitude that produces winners. It is knowing we have everything we need to rise to the occasion. It is feeling of deep inner power that is doing the work. Many an athlete has said that in the moment of performance it is as if they are not even there. It is more than body memory; it is an example of the power of letting go and allowing what is deeply known to reveal itself. This is the lesson for all of us. We possess the same capacity for self-expression from the depths of our true nature. Our training is spiritual practice, meditation and affirmation; the art of remembering who we are, what is the Source and how it all becomes our life by means of our self-awareness. It is the "Yes I am" attitude that takes us to higher levels of livingness.

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