Feb 6, 2018

Wisdom and Energy

In the context of our personal experience, what does "It's too late for me" really mean? Has the universe reversed its laws of co-respondence? Have all the opportunities run out? Has the field of imagination stopped working? Or, are we the willing victims of a cultural belief that is based in false ideas?

We are still us regardless of age or previous experience. We are forever a revealing of the wholeness of Source. We are the action of Love, the intentional expression of limitless Life. The question is, how shall we live from this moment on? In fear and resignation, or are we ready for a new challenge, a new idea, a new way of living? I think what wears us down and causes us to give in and give up are the perceptions of the collective.

Older is great! We are the elders, the wise ones, the seasoned and the real. All the artifice is gone,; we cannot be fooled by fools; we are just what the world needs right now. Business needs us, religion needs us, families need us, politics needs us. Older people who are still "in the game" in their own minds are the most valuable resource the world has. Coupled with the very young, we are a dynamic pairing. The young nephew of the Dalai Lama said once to a group of elders, "You have the wisdom, we have the energy." Some of us, young and old, have both.

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