Oct 3, 2017

Who We Are

A friend reminded me that not only do we have the capacity to reach the highest levels of love and oneness, we also have the capacity for the lowest and deadliest levels of division. We can soar into spiritual awake-ness or we can plunge into the depths of depravity. We're seeing both possibilities play out in our world right now.

One deranged man took innocent lives at a concert this week, but hundreds stood in line for five and six hours to donate blood to help those injured. It feels like we are walking on two divergent paths. As Robert Frost wrote in his poem, we have to take the road less traveled and do whatever we can to encourage others to walk with us.

It is easy to be angry and resigned. It is not so easy to remain in love with humanity, believing in our spiritual potential, acting as if all is well. It is, of course in the realm of potential, but if we are not aware of our own greater self, we can easily succumb to desperation. That is a dangerous emotion. It can lead to violence against the self or against others. When it is against others, we see the effects in the news. If it is against oneself we don't hear about it, but families are destroyed, children abused or neglected, disease rampant.

Nothing will put this world to rights without spiritual awareness. And so we continue to meditate, deepen our own practice, speak up and share our better selves. This is not about getting people to join a movement. It is about helping people to understand and feel the wholeness of being and the presence of infinite love within themselves. It is about telling a new story of who we are and the Source of all life.

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