Sep 13, 2017

What's In Your Soul?

Emerson, speaking of all of us, said "By doing his own work he unfolds himself." He was referring to that call within that proves to be our talent. It can take more than one form. The call to communicate truth, as an example, could be fulfilled as a writer, an actor, a minister, a poet, an artist, a scientist or musician. What belongs to us will be revealed as we say yes to the call. Once we step onto the path that is our true calling, doors open and we have no rivals. It is as if the universe is validating our decision.

We have constructed a society that allows for that discovery and at the same time, prohibits it. Depending on how we were raised, we might follow the desires of others and follow a path not really suited to us, but financially lucrative. Many an adult child will earn the higher degrees and then realize they detest the field. Some will tough it out and others will follow their bliss. I had a friend who did just that, graduating from a prestigious university with a degree in finance. He joined the Peace Corps and used his skills setting up a trouser factory in Chile run by local women. His calling was to serve and he found a way to do it. Later he became a kindergarten teacher.

What pulls at you? It matters not that you may be older. In fact, retired people often return to their original soul-inspired dream. They offer themselves as consultants or mentors or volunteers. That old call will reveal itself as we allow our mind to turn and ask "What is in my soul that wants to be seen and known in this life."

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