Aug 28, 2017

We Are the Projector of Our Personal Reality

At age 56, after many years of writing and speaking, Emerson good-naturedly noted that he had not even one disciple. He commented that his intent was always to bring people to themselves, not to him. To me, that is the purpose of New Thought spirituality as well. To bring students to the realization that everything we seek, including God, is within the Self. It all exists in that vast field of potentialities that produces form and experience.

While we have set New Thought in the form of Centers that hold regular gatherings, we are more a teaching than a preaching. Nothing can be gained from it unless what is learned is put into practice. It is a way of living and seeing life that profoundly changes our experience. We move from superstitious, dogmatic thinking to an ongoing relationship with our higher mind. We discover that what we think about tends to come about. Of course, what we think about is directly linked to who we know ourselves to be.

The big shift comes when we realize we are not products of experience, but the constant open possibility that moves through experience. We are the Whole which is producing the fraction. We are the projector of our personal reality. The quality of our life is the visible result of the quality of our self-awareness. This is way too much power for some folks. They would rather believe in luck or a God that is making all the decisions for them. It is possible to live from either perspective. As Robert Frost wrote, taking the road less travelled makes all the difference.

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