Dec 23, 2017

We Are Our Own Best Audience

Actors on Broadway often comment on "good or bad" audiences. Sometimes they refer to them as a "hard sell" or, if positive, as "right there with us." But the audience is a temporary configuration. When the show is over the audience disappears as an entity. What is it the actors felt? It must have been a vibration in the room, made up of the collective feeling of the individuals. Not that everyone in the room was negative in the case of the "bad" audience; but that the overriding energy won out. Perhaps the news that day was difficult; the stock market plummeted, or the weather turned suddenly into bad road conditions. There was enough resistance to life that it resulted in resistance to the moment.

Sometimes the actors can win over an audience. They will charm them out of their negativity. For the time they are in the theater, they forget all about the outer world. That is one of the reasons for churches and temples. They were meant to be a respite from the world of form and experience. The vibration of previous chanting, prayer and worship is palpable in some of these sanctuaries. When one walks in, an immediate shift takes place and we feel "at home."

At least that was the intention. Sometimes the opposite happens. There are plenty of negative emotions about church to create a resistance to being there. What we have discovered in the West, is the ancient technique of entering the inner sanctuary of our own Being. There we are the only one in the audience, so to speak. We have immediate access to the whole scene; the past, the present and the future. It is in the present that we recover from the world and its insistence on strife and struggle. We reclaim our wholeness; our self-identity rises to meet any challenge. We step back into the fray ready to be the actor in our own unfolding drama, or romantic comedy, or thriller, however we choose to name it. Equally observer and participant, we are our own best audience.

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