Mar 15, 2018

Treatment For the Mind

As Dr. Ernest Holmes taught; since the error is in mind, we give the mind a treatment of spiritual truth. That is the first thing we do. What follows will be individualized as the perfect result. And so I declare:

Behind the world of doing, there is the realm of Being. It is a quantum field, quivering with possibility. The perfect pattern for all life is alive in that field and is our individual and collective potential. Nothing diminishes it; there is no conflict within it; It is the Power that makes all things new as it responds to our interaction with it.

Today is not a time, but an opportunity for us to bring forth an expanded use of our own natural potential. We affirm "I am brand new right now. I begin from the highest awareness of my unwavering Source. There is nothing it cannot do through me. I am available and awakened to a greater level of living than ever before. In this moment I am grateful for everything that has ever been my experience. I know it has been nothing but my own perception of my potential that acted as cause."

There is now an immediate release of any and all past beliefs that limited my life in any way. I am over it! I am through to the other side of it. I am as wholly perfect as was intended by the Source. I live in a world of peace and plenty for all. It is a world transformed by the renewing of our shared mind. I do my part right here, right now. I keep my mind updated and constantly alert to the beautiful possibilities for humanity.

I affirm "I am delighted by everything I see."

And so it is.

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