Sep 11, 2017

This is the Time

When we are experiencing great challenge, such as surviving a hurricane, we are not in a very philosophical frame of mind. Survival, retrieval of precious possessions, clean up, dealing with insurance companies, all of the mess that follows a major disaster require our attention, not to mention the emotional reaction to great loss. That being said, there is something in the human spirit that puts us back in the flow of possibility again. How long it takes depends on our basic take on Reality.

There will be those who will eventually see some benefit in the worst situations. Usually it carries a deeply personal realization, such as a sense of having been on the wrong path professionally, or in a destructive life-style, or unavailable to their partner. Things are seen in sharp relief when the debris in swept away. Our possessions and the maintenance of them can get in the way of self-realization. So caught up in the daily grind, we can lose our way.

Humanity is having a time of great challenge. Famine, war, disease, huge devastation from weather related powers, are but a few of what is facing us now, not to mention world leaders who are mirrors of our worst inclinations. Can we see an opportunity here? Is there something valuable for us in the midst of this chaos? Have we been on the wrong path in our relationship to nature, to each other, to our Source? Are we having the effects of a Cause we have set in motion over millennia? Have our collective choices come back to, not haunt, but awaken us? Maybe it is time to stop the blaming and begin to take our rightful place as co-creators of our experience. Are we that powerful? Yes. Is this the most potent moment in human history? Yes. As Dr. Jean Houston said "This is the time and we are the people."

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