Jan 1, 2018

The Year of Living Consciously

We begin again! Let's make this year the one that changed everything for the better. Of course, we must start with our own personal experience. The first step is to consider what it is you are wanting and then ask a simple question: Is it possible? Is it possible for you to have great health, or wealth or love or peace? We must know beyond even a twinge of doubt that it is possible. It is never too late. As Einstein observed, time is an illusion, albeit a useful one. The past has no bearing on now if we do not bring it with us.

We see today as a clean slate or a blank canvas, depending on which metaphor appeals. There is nothing but you and your Source. That is what I am using as my mantra this year. Nothing but Spirit and me. Nothing but the Creative Intelligence and me. Nothing but the originating Power and me. The I am that I am is the personal expression of the only I AM there really is. I am in partnership with that and nothing else: not the weather the economy, the latest craze, the collective beliefs. I am in the business of creating a life worth celebrating with the only power in my life, period.

It turns out I have been doing that all along, but I, like you, have brought in other lessor associates; like regrets and some fear and too much input from the news. Today I strike out on my own, an entrepreneur of clarity and enthusiasm. This is the year of living consciously like no other. I know that for you, too. Make it the best year of your life!

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