Dec 6, 2017

The Way In

Our own awakening to our deeper selves is not about reaching up as if we were climbing a ladder into heaven or God. It is more like a growing down, a sinking into our own roots. It is personal to each, but it feels as if life were calling us inward. In our youth we mistake growth for ascending into higher states of love or prosperity or health and respect. As we grow older and wiser we feel the pull to descend into our own body and to experience the soul directly. What does this mean to the personality, the ego, the worldly one? Oh, it is still there but under new management.

You can see it in the eyes of those who have come to understand how deeply God resides in themselves. It is a kind of amusement and warmth that comes with age or from surviving serious challenges in this life. They seem to be watching the passing scene with a quiet joy, a cheerful acceptance, an awareness of the temporality of it all. Undisturbed, they drink their tea, tend the garden, pet the cat, stir the oatmeal. Perhaps they still play games with their grandchildren, go out to lunch, never miss a chance to vote, but they do it all with stillness, even when they are laughing out loud.

It is observable in children who are very ill and who have become what we call terminal. They observe, they see, they know something we do not. They have felt the presence. They possess a simplicity that seems beyond their years. It is their parents who are wracked with sorrow, but the child is like a little Buddha. Do we have to grow old or face catastrophe to awaken to this truth? Of course not, but as long as we are trapped in the time/space game of chasing our good, of achieving, getting, accumulating, maintaining, it will elude us. Let's not wait to get old or to be threatened with death to find our inner God. Take time every day to sit still and be. This is The Way In to the Beauty of our own soul.

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