Oct 5, 2017

The Value of the Feminine

After a terrible, public event such as the Las Vegas massacre, we desperately try to find meaning in it. There is no meaning, other than what each person ascribes to it. But there is a Cause. Always there is Cause, which is layered and complex. Some will say the perpetrator was insane, or on drugs or angry at the world, or had PTSD or any number of things. He or she may have some of each, or none at all.

If the act is part of a national trend or pattern (and this one is) then the Cause will be found in our shared experience. Violence that seems to be for its own sake, is a symptom of profound spiritual angst. For that matter, so is drug addiction. If a person's whole being is not developed, or acknowledged, there is an imbalance that can only lead to some kind of desperate act. In our world there is, and has always been, an almost complete lack of recognizing the value and necessity of the Feminine in everyone.

Rampant masculinity, patriarchy and bias against the feminine leads to violence against nature, children, women, and men who seem to display feminine attributes. Those other men who are somewhat in touch with their true nature, perhaps artists, musicians and deep thinkers are as much a target as females. Men who are not gun-toting "conquerors" are at risk. But it is the denying males themselves, who are the most vulnerable. They risk a loss of the soul. There is nothing so terrible as that. It can be observed in young men returning from combat. They cannot give any meaning to the slaughter they have witnessed. They have to make up reasons, usually ones that are not valid. They either become flag-waving keepers of the myth or they turn against themselves or society. There is no meaning in the killing of other humans. But there is Cause and it lies in a belief system. It has its roots in religion.

The world cannot survive this kind of lop-sided mythology, that of the superiority of the masculine and the complete denial of the value of the Feminine.

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