Nov 3, 2017

The Value of Now

We are so used to thinking in terms of time flowing that we have trained our mind to be anywhere but in the Now. I remember as a little girl asking my mother, when she told me we would leave in an hour "What is an hour?" She had difficulty describing it to me! There is no time to a child , only this now moment. Somehow we concluded that was not the right way to live; we had to be constantly preparing for the "future," which of course is just another Now moment and then more, seemingly all strung together.

A character in Dostoevsky's The Possessed said: "When man attains bliss there will be no time because there will be no need for it." What use do we have for time? Could we live our lives without the concept of time flowing away from us? This leads to feeling we are running out of time, but it is eternal and we are not bodies in space alone; we are an awareness of being in the here and now.

Today, try meeting life as a little child does. Be aware of your surroundings, the feel of the air, the color of the sky, the insects and animals you see, the growling of your stomach, the taste of water, the joy of being alive. We can do this in the car, in the office, anywhere we may find ourselves. This is it! There is no reality other than what is contained in our awareness. Isn't Now a good time to be aware of the love and joy inside you? Why wait for some future moment that will only be an extension of Now, anyway?

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