Oct 9, 2017

The Truth Sets You Free

Even Albert Einstein had trouble letting go of an old belief about the nature of the universe. It wasn't until shortly before his death, decades after a long debate with other physicists, that he gave up the old argument and agreed that the universe was, indeed, not static, but expanding.

Such a shift in thinking changed his perception of reality and that is always the challenge! We have fixed ideas about how things happen, and we are loathe to see another possibility. The human race is in the throes of a deep change in perception. It has to do with God and our place in the creative process. Some of us have been involved in this for years and we still have trouble releasing some of our cherished beliefs. Why?

There seems to be comfort for many people in the notion that a kindly old man is watching over us. Never mind that the image is an emotional response to life, most do not want a rational explanation for how the universe works. People prefer the metaphor to the reality. This is a huge problem. As the wonderful Mythologist, Joseph Campbell said, "People will kill and die for the metaphor." Imagine starting a war to protect a lie! It has happened time and time again on planet earth. Why?

The Truth sets us free. The lie, or the cherished belief, keeps us prisoners of those in power. We will not be oppressed when we are aware of how things happen. If Einstein could change his mind, admitting he got it wrong, couldn't we follow suit? It doesn't take the beauty of the rainbow away when we know the science behind it. It gives us a deeper sense of the perfection of everything, enhancing our sense of awe and wonder, the only legitimate religious experience there is.

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