Oct 17, 2017

The State of Our Mind

Here is a quote from Ernest Holmes: "We know the background of human thought is, to a great extent, one of negation, a denial of a harmonious and spiritual universe; consequently, our outlook on life must be transformed by the renewing of our mind and even when the results are not immediately forth-coming, we must still maintain a calm serenity of thought."

It is that last sentence that becomes the greatest challenge to a student of New Thought (and we are all students). We are naturally inclined to look outside to assess the weather, are we not? We watch the news to see what is happening in our town and the world. We can see and hear and take in information, and we do so constantly. It makes sense that our state of mind would be affected by the outer realm of experience.

But Holmes, a great spiritual master, tells us to make our assessments based on what is real, not what appears to be. This is where we lose people. So trained is our mind to believe only what we see, we miss the greater possibility that is inherent in what we see, residing behind it, if you will. The flip side of our negation is bliss; the most natural state possible for a human being. We rarely get there after age two or so, because of the seeming solidity of things and the reality of them. It would seem only a fool would be serene in the midst of turmoil. The question is: why would we assume so? What do fear, anger, anxiety and hopelessness create? Anything good? It is the person who sees through the appearance of negation to the possible that is attending it, who will lead and help make the great changes that we long to see.

Our practice is to attend to the state of our mind. Quite literally to . . .

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