Dec 12, 2017

The Right Balance

For some reason I awoke thinking about Goldilocks and the Three Bears this morning. So many of our children's stories have valuable life lessons in them. Goldilocks discovers the value of things being in just the right balance. The porridge should not be too hot or too cold but just right, and so it goes as she tries out the Bear's beds and chairs. It is an ingenious way to teach kids moderation in all things. We live in a culture of extremes. Think of the over-sized sodas sold at convenience stores and fast food places, which is just one little example of our tendency to overindulge.

That tendency has carried over into how we interact with Nature as well. We have over built, over drilled, over fished, over populated, over done just about everything that matters. Now we are experiencing the terrible consequences. The Bears have come home. Is there a way out of this, a solution? In every case what is needed are better ideas! Better ideas about our place in the ecology, our interdependence with Nature, our responsibility to care-take the planet, not dominate it.

Again, we find old-time religion at the core of the problem. Beliefs that support the ego inflated sense of entitlement. We have thought we could rape and pillage to our benefit. We are discovering how wrong we were. Are we willing to change our collective story? Will we face the Truth that what we are now witnessing is due to our actions? Will we be open to a whole new way of seeing the universe and our place in it? Most importantly, will we welcome science into our spirituality? That is the balance that will lead to resolution. Perhaps, like Goldilocks we will arrive at a moment where everything is "just right" as it was before we interfered with the natural balance of Nature.

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