Aug 15, 2017

The Real Source of Authentic Power

Like you, I often wonder how people can be so mean, so hateful, so violent. I know they learned it from someone or some system. They were surrounded by it as they grew up, spoon fed it. I know they are unhappy, feel powerless and threatened. I am aware that babies are not racists, terrorists or murderers. These folks come out of a culture. They are the products of their upbringing. They are devoid of a strong sense of Self. They rely on ideology or family prejudices to make them feel like they have purpose on this earth. How sad.

Why does the Ku Klux Klan wear masks? They do not want anyone to know who they are! There is a deep awareness of how wrong their behavior is. They think they are being "special," a small exclusive group, but they are merely sad little boys who are afraid they are not enough. We know that hate and racism and sexism and homophobia and a reliance on religious dogma are states of dis-ease. There is an underlying deep need to be validated in one's worth.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama said "Compassion is understanding the other guys motivation." Only then can we hope to heal the malady. Compassion opens our minds to possibility. We simply must get at Cause. It all begins in our shared consciousness, then spreads to the home, the schools, our neighborhoods and churches. The problems we see in our country right now are the result of ideas that have gone unchallenged by too many for too long. Yes, people have a right to believe what they choose, but are they really choosing? Or are they merely passing on unexamined, unenlightened thought? I truly believe they are searching for something they already have that no one has ever acknowledged. They are looking for the authentic power that comes from within. They are seeking their own wholeness.

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