Feb 17, 2018

The Presence of God Within

When things look the worst is the time to affirm the best. It is all too easy to think we have no say in what is happening. We abdicate our power, as it were, because we might be afraid. Fear will compromise power faster than any other emotion. Sometimes anger gets us to stand up and insist on positive change, but fear paralyzes.

Humanity has asked, again and again, in times of horrible violence or catastrophic plagues, "Where is God?" Assuming God to be watching over us, yet allowing terrible devastation, disease, war and hunger is confusing. The question has an answer but few look for it in the right place. There is an old story about two wise ones laughing over the truth that God has placed itself right where no one would think to look; inside themselves! Well, there have been some deeply intelligent people amongst us who did think to look within. People like Ernest Holmes and Jesus and Buddha and Einstein and so many others. They found that the power to make all things new, lives in every one of us!

The problem is in the second question; "But what can I do?" Doing follows being; being is a state of awareness; awareness leads to certain kinds of thoughts and ideas and certainty. It is on this level that we must now, begin again. "Think on these things, the Good the True and the Beautiful."

Affirm the world you want to live in as if it were so right now. Allow the truth of it to move your feet, inform your choices, direct your actions. The change we wish to see in the world is right now is an idea, but ideas are made manifest by belief. Be a believer in the goodness of the human soul, the wisdom inherent in the human mind, the presence of God within.

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