Jan 15, 2018

The Power of Our Words

Words have been in the news lately. That is, reports of words used inappropriately, causing distress and anger. However, it is not the words themselves that are powerful. The power is in the consciousness revealed in the person uttering them. That is what is so alarming. If our standard for that person is one that demands respect, then we are alarmed if their words reflect ignorance or a lack of compassion. We expect our leaders to be diplomatic or at least polite. When they fail in that regard it seems to threaten our standing in the world. We are embarrassed that we elected such a person, even if we ourselves did not vote for them.

But the words themselves have no power. It is what is behind them that counts. We have had our share of two-faced people who say one thing and mean another. They speak softly and sweetly, praising everything. Privately they are hateful and prejudiced against whole groups of people. Hypocrisy is just as alarming, when discovered, as unskilled language by someone who ought to know better. Again, it is the consciousness within the person that is the real indicator of who they are. And yes, the words can hurt, but not in and of themselves. If they could, then an apology would be useless. Words can be erased with an act of contrition; if not, none of us would have any friends at all.

Real power is in intention. Lazy speech usually has no real intention behind it. It is adolescent and therefore frightening in a world leader. But the real power lies behind the words. In New Thought spirituality we speak about the power of our word, but we do not mean actual words. We mean our beliefs, our perceptions, our container of awareness. That is where the real power is.

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