Sep 8, 2017

The Power Is Within

Progressive scientists have postulated that the universe is holographic. That is, as Emerson said, "The entire system of things is represented in every particle." The image of re-presenting something is essential in New Thought spirituality. Are we the re-presenters of the whole of "I am-ness?" Is the universe more a state of being than a place? Is it both/and? These questions and how we answer them have everything to do with our personal experience of life on earth.

In earlier times, humans did not know to ask these questions. They assumed some great power was making the earth shake and the lightning strike. They sought ways to appease it and came to worship it. They later gave it an image likened to men. They built temples and cathedrals to "house" it and to gather to pray to it and to feel something.

But there have always been those, like Jesus, who professed as Emerson did, that the power was within us, not somewhere else. This was hard to understand for people of his day, so Jesus was crucified. The Buddhist and the Hindi traditions feel more scientific in some ways, at least at the core of their teachings. They do not give God a form or a name, rather, they see it everywhere.

We did not arise out of a vacuum. We are the representation of whatever it is. Since we appear to be conscious, it must also be conscious. The most liberating of the natural conclusions to this idea, is that we possess what it does; power, intelligence, vitality, love, peace, joy and the capacity to generate supply. How we live is how we reveal it to ourselves and to the world. We turn the great I AM into a personal experience of it. I am love, I am vitality, I am joy, I am peace, I am intelligence, I am supply. The power is within, and it does the work.

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