Aug 2, 2017

The Inner Sanctum of Our Mind

The wise mystic of the ages, Meister Eckhart said: "Truth comes from the inside out, not from the outside in."

How do we access inner truth? How do we discover what "we are made of" if not through both challenge and creativity? I wrote a whole book by simply allowing my mind to express whatever was standing at the door waiting to come through. Trust is of the most importance in the mining of the mind. We assume there is wisdom and inventive ideas within the field of awareness that is the source of all creativity. We trust the Source is within our own mind.

There is also a superficial awareness, one that is concerned with the outer world and the opinions and approval of others. That level of thinking is limited and although it may assist us in some ways to avoid danger, it is also dangerous itself if it is the only source of information we access. How to get through that mine-field into the inner sanctum of wisdom? The answer is to slow the thinking processes and to sit in the stillness of the field itself. You see, it is not active. It is potential. It is like the bow drawn back, holding the arrow, gathering energy. It is activated by us, by our agreement with the new idea, by our self-identity, by our willingness to be the change we wish to see.

What is known as meditation is not merely a relaxation technique. It is a time travel device, one that takes us out of past and future into the ever-present Now. This gives the mind such a deep rest, it becomes available to the whole field of possibility. Whatever it is we desire, from personal creativity to world peace must be known by us first as one of the aspects of our own nature. That awareness does not come from the outer world. It arises from the inner sanctum of our own mind. We prove its truth by self-expression of the creative kind.

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