Dec 15, 2017

The Importance of Feminine Power

There are spiritual teachings in just about everything we see; movies, billboards, greeting cards, scenes in the supermarket. That is because everything we see is the effect of beliefs and ideas which have been made visible. If we look through the behavior or product we can discern the belief that allowed it to be. For example, politics and the actions of those in office, reflect a certain mindset. Those who are elected are the by-product, if you will, of our shared convictions. We believe that person will do the right thing by our vote. If we are wrong, we must look at the beliefs that we held to make them our choice. Such as "he/she is the answer to all our problems" is sure to result in disappointment.

The collective disappointment that many feel today because of the actions of men in power is part of a long-held mindset that told us to be silent; that good would result if we looked the other way. That is like ignoring your child's drug addiction and hoping they will grow out of it. Pretending never creates anything we really want. The discoveries we are making today are being uncovered because they are a hidden addiction, a disease, that must be healed for the good of our shared reality, for the future of humanity.

We will not achieve, or even tap into our real potential, by ignoring the Feminine Power in Being that we all share but which has been dismissed as something to be laughed at to be exploited. This is a time of "revealed to be healed." We need to hang together, speak up, hold the vision of a world that works for everyone and we will come through this stronger and more enlightened.

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