May 8, 2018

The Human Mind

It has been hot where I live.  This morning the house was still and stuffy.  I was tempted to turn on the air conditioner just to cool things off.  Then I thought, wait a minute, open the windows!  It is still cool outside and the fresh air will be lovely.  Point being, we often reach first for some man made solution when Nature has provided everything we need.

We try to relieve stress with more activity.  We play games on an electronic device for hours on end, when thirty minutes of meditation would do far more to awaken our inner peace.  We watch videos of motivational speakers to help us with our problem when we ought to be talking to ourselves.  Not that there is anything inherently wrong with technology and outside input; no, it is when they are allowed to replace our own power that we get off balance.

The human mind is a resource.  It contains ideas and answers.  It is linked in to a universal repository of wisdom and creative intelligence.  It can imagine a better future and set it in motion! The human mind is an individual use of an infinite mind, a field of pure potential where everything is held in a kind of suspended animation.  It needs an apprehending mind to bring it into this dimension.

The assignment for us today can be an affirmation such as:
"I love my mind, knowing it is the link to the One Mind.  Today I take the low tech approach and turn within.  I know the very thing I seek is awaiting my attention."

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