Mar 1, 2018

The Great Within

Life is a mystery. How it is that we can think; how did self-awareness come to be; how is the body formed by Intelligence and what happens to us when we shed the physical? Religion has given us metaphorical images that are intended to answer these questions and science attempts to penetrate the seen world to find the origins of life. Mystics have glimpsed what they interpret to be the Great Beyond and have come to the conclusion that it is synonymous with the Great Within.

The wisest amongst us are those who have accepted the mystery and have learned to live in it. They take this life as it is, filled with diversity and discovery; an experience of infinite possibilities; the dance of consciousness; the play of ideas; the beauty of Nature; the joy of loving. They honor the creative spirit in all people, seeing the differences as proof of an underlying unity. They give their gifts because they must, without regard for any return. They feel supported by an unseen Something that seems to be a presence as well as a principle.

Evolved humans plant things; gardens for beauty and food; seeds for future generations; ideas for better living. They recycle the dead leaves, transforming them into fuel; old beliefs that are no longer valid are turned into energy for the new. Evolved humans give because they can; love because they cannot help it; dance because as Rumi said "Life is more like a dance." Than what, we might ask? Than pain and sorrow, defeat and loss, hunger and violence, all of which are man-made, not ordained by the Something that allows us to play in the mystery in our own way.

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