Oct 23, 2017

The Field of Non-Action

Emerson said we "Take our own out of the multiplicity that sweeps and circles around us." That is a lovely way to say Like attracts Like. The content of our mind is a net that we throw out before us. We automatically gather in what belongs with us. It is a net of consciousness layered with a myriad of ideas. However, it is the most dominant thoughts about our self that tend to become "Real" to us. It is our self-identity that rules.

Fortunately, self-identity is renewable, forever revealing higher and higher levels of itself. Our part is to discover and affirm. How do we do that? The only way in to the self is silence. Yes, we can learn much about who we are in the field of doing, but mostly we are observing our personality in action. To find the self that is uninvolved with doing, but entirely about Be-ing, we must leave the outer and enter the field of non-action. I love the ancient wisdom; "To the one who can perfectly practice inaction, all things are possible."

That is another way of saying our answer is in the realm of being, not doing. Be still and know that "I am" is God. If that is so, then we ought to think well of ourselves! Sure, we have made errors in judgement; we have regrets and maybe some guilt. But all of those choices came from a lower sense of self. We can only be, do and have what we believe we are worth, therefore, worthy of receiving.

Change your thinking, change your life would be better said "Change your self identity, change your world."

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