Jan 6, 2018

Take the Leap

Emerson wrote this when he was 38 years old in 1841:

We are very near to greatness.
one step and we are safe
can we not take the leap?

That is a most provocative idea and a deeply spiritual one. It would seem to most of us that greatness was for others. What does he mean? If we see greatness as merely worldly success, we might miss it. Does he mean "we" as the human race? If we took a leap out of superstition and dogma; racism and bigotry; blame and revenge; fear and loathing; wouldn't we be great, indeed? What would our lives be without those mental restrictions? That is what they are, you know; restrictions in our own mind that keep us from any level of greatness.

Some of us mistakenly think knowing what we are against keeps us safe. No, it keeps us limited in our movements, relationships, possibilities. We must know what we are for and then become it! Not wish for it or contemplate it, but become it. One might ask, how do I become peace? We know the answer. By releasing our tendency to see anyone as the enemy; to know we are all in this together as evolving souls, making our way according to what we believe.

It is time for some basic belief upgrades. This new year is the perfect moment to challenge any ideas we have held to be true that prevent us, or anyone else, from full freedom, love and joy. We are the ones who can make greatness a reality for humanity. Let's take the leap together.

Try this: I leap out of all limiting ideas about humanity and what is possible.

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