Aug 9, 2017

Take the Driver's Seat

Are we a passenger in this vehicle we inhabit or are we the driver? Is it both/and? Sometimes we simply allow the world to take our attention and at other times we direct it to what we want to attend. Right now, I am deliberately using my mind to write this, but if I talk a walk outside I will allow my mind to notice the passing scene. I will be a passenger for a time, however there may be moments when I must consciously direct my experience.

Let's say I come upon what appears to be a lost dog. In that moment, I consciously decide what to do about it. I can walk on, knock on doors, use my phone to call the authorities. A few years ago, I was walking in my daughter's neighborhood. I noticed a small shaggy little mutt running in the streets. When I beckoned to her, she came running over, allowing me to pick her up. I found where she lived and knocked on the door. Much to my surprise the owner was annoyed! She said she runs around all day. No matter that she came close to being hit by a car! Point being, I then had another moment of redirecting my attention. I could be upset and angry or I could walk in peace, certain that I had done what I could.

Spiritual teacher, Neville, said "The day you control the movement of your attention in the subjective mind, you are master of your fate.” Isn't he suggesting instant release of outer stimuli? If we could forgive and forget instantaneously, wouldn't we be the better for it? Harboring negative feelings about the outer world does nothing but keep us in the passenger seat. If we want to be a positive influence in the human quest for freedom, we need to be free ourselves.

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