Feb 19, 2018

Spiritual Truth

The Zen masters refer to the pictures the mind creates in meditation as "going to the movies." It seems a good way to speak about the annoying habit of repeatedly thinking about the past. Sometimes we try to change the ending, rewrite the script, give the main characters more courage or less power, but it is always a diversion from this now moment, where none of it is actually happening.

Why would we do such a thing unless we thought it might be of value to us? It very well might be, and the point is, get the Good and let it go. Do not make popcorn and settle in for another viewing of the same old scenes. We cannot wear the same shoes we did all those years ago; we cannot fit into our old clothes; we are not the same person who went through those experiences.

A big part of spiritual practice is to see ourselves clearly. As we do, claiming our wholeness, our oneness with possibility, the truth that we cannot lose our true identity, then we unite with power. United with Power, we begin a whole new series of cause and effect. We did not know we were united with power when we were a child or when we allowed others to victimize us. But we know better now. No sense wishing it had been different. The secret is to know we are forever the same, that nothing diminishes the intact soul and the immediate power that we are and that we have. What new story will we tell?

Try this: "My reference for who I am is based on spiritual Truth, not past experience."

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