Mar 2, 2018

Spiritual Law is Fool Proof

Spiritual Law is fool-proof. No matter how foolishly we act or think, the Law takes us at our word and our word is energy. The whole universe is energy in motion. Our mind is energy in motion, as is our body. When energy moves in a specific direction, the Law is there to make something out of it. Just another way of saying Life is for us and never against us. There are simple principles involved in that support. They are neutral and non-judgmental.

Being non-judgmental God as Law cannot intervene on our behalf unless we call in a higher idea to supplant the one with which we have been working. Those are the times we "Give it to God" or surrender our grasp on how it should look and allow the Power to make it all new in our experience. It can, it will and it does. But it does so by Law and that means our faith in it, our belief that it always answers our call, our steadfast and wholehearted insistence on proving its reality.

It is in those moments when we are truly outside the so-called box. We are not of the collective belief in lack and struggle. We have entered the realm of the Gods, as it were. We are co creating with the one Power, the only Power, the immediate Power of the Infinite Intelligence. It reveals itself on the energy of Love which brings things together that belong together. It always works and it is fool-proof.

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