Nov 15, 2017

Spiritual Awakening

Mystery Schools have been with us through the ages. Great minds, such as Moses, Plato, Pythagoras, Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tsu and others were instructed in, or discerned, the great truths that govern the universe and then set out to spread the word. Today, New Thought Spirituality continues the work, but it is not a mystery, it is an open book. Everyone is welcome to come and learn how to harmonize one's mind and life with the great organizing Intelligence we have called "God."

Westerners are most familiar with the teachings of Jesus, but he has been misinterpreted and misunderstood. Like every other Master teacher, he advised us to look within to find our Source, to claim our rightful place as its co-creator, to know we need not ask for anything, that the "kingdom' has been given. The kingdom, of course, is the infinite field of potential that we all share at the quantum level. It can be reached through our own imagination.

In modern times, a Master such as Ernest Holmes, clarified the mystery and made the teaching practical and democratic. This is the great threat to those who would keep humanity in the throes of superstition and dogma. Independent thinking is the key to freedom from oppression of all kinds, including the tyranny of our own limited beliefs. What we are now involved in, is a spiritual revolution. It may look like everything else, but make no mistake, the emergence of Truth in ordinary people is underneath the upheaval. In other words, the light in us is pushing out the dark of ignorance. We are awakening spiritually. The mystery school is in session!

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