Feb 2, 2018

Spiritual Activism

Too much of religious practice, such as; prayers, chants, repeating of mantras, affirmations, (although lovely in and of themselves), are actually designed to keep us calm in the midst of violence, trauma and the machinations of ego mind. It is rather like whistling in the dark. But when will our spirituality change the world? What do we have to do to eliminate the accepted rules that allow for continued war and mayhem in our cities, for the abuse of children and hunger and disease?

Spirituality isn't supposed to make us feel better; but to make us do better! We ought to be outraged at what we see everyday. We ought to place the cause where it belongs, right in the center of our religious beliefs. We ought to stand up for Truth, which we but dimly perceive, but which is far better than the old superstitious concepts of God. We ought to be using our money to alleviate suffering while we vote to support new, democratic policies.

Yes, we keep chanting the mantra, praising the good we see, caring for the mind, knowing the higher truth and affirming it, but that will not be enough to put food in the mouth of a starving child. Let us find ways right where we are to do the right thing. We will know what it is the minute we stop trying to be calm and instead feel the outrage that is the appropriate response. For more ideas on spiritually motivated social activism, log on to www.agnt.org.

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