Nov 28, 2017

Smile and Play

The sun announced its arrival this morning with a sky of orange, pink, yellow and crimson red. I just happened to look out the window at the right time. It made me wonder how many other beautiful sights have I missed that could add to the quality of my day? How many rainbows did I not see because my attention was elsewhere? What marvels of nature are right under my nose, like the ant colony busy at work? When I was a child I would lie down on the ground and watch them for hours. If I did that today I might be considered wildly odd or just oddly wild.

Being a grown up is kind of a drag, sometimes. Oh, there are perks, like being able to sit in a jazz club sipping a dirty martini, or the amazing experience of joyful sex. For the most part, adulthood is the maintenance of a life that many of us did not see coming. Oh, yes, we are thankful for our blessings, we love our families, we might even feel good about our work; but where is the wonder, the awe, the discovery? It is still ours, of course, waiting to be activated.

Part of a spiritual life is to notice the flowers, silly! It is to be aware of the fleeting nature of things, of the temporariness of beauty, of the intricate design of every life form. To be child-like and not childish is the key. To appreciate, no, more than that, to cherish what is right under our noses in plain sight. Walk a little slower today, look around, notice the interconnectedness of all life. Give the kid in you a play date with life. It isn't foolish, it is wise-ish. Smile.

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