Oct 10, 2017

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

It is much cooler in the early morning now. This small change of a few degrees has me out walking for an hour every day. It always intrigues me how something so simple can make such a difference in my daily routine or in how I feel. Small changes make a big difference. That is a spiritual principle, although we might not think of it as such. We often associate spirituality with dramatic realizations. But no, it can be a shift in perception so subtle that we scarcely notice it.

Sometimes the change sneaks up on us, like the weather. In my own experience, I had a life-long fear of public speaking. In fact, I would flush and stammer even in small groups if the attention was on me. But I found a subject that was of such importance to me that I had to share it with others. The only way to do that was to stand up and speak. One day I realized I was not only not afraid any longer, but I loved doing it! The shift came from focusing on the message, not on the fear.

A step in the direction of our deeper desire will take us somewhere we have never been. If we give ourselves to the idea, we cannot fail to develop new skills and/or to enliven dormant talents. It is rather like the caterpillar who becomes the butterfly. It may seem like we are stuck, when actually we are in the stage of letting go and becoming more of who we are meant to be.

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