Jan 8, 2018

Share What You Need

HH the Dalai Lama once said something to this effect; "Whatever you are seeking in life, see if you can provide that for someone else today."

If we did that every day, we would soon realize what we desire has been ours all along. What we seek is an expansion of it. That has to do with us expanding our awareness of the thing as being in plentiful supply. We get hung up, so to speak, on how it will come to us, when we ought to be focused on how we can prove its existence!

How can you prove today that compassion is real; or love or prosperity or creative ideas? Try giving some of each to others and see how quickly you are the dispeller of a belief in Lack. If we are in the giving mode, we cannot claim a lack of what we are sharing, can we? It builds. Life expands what we expend.

There is enough of everything for everybody. The key is to see ourselves as the open door through which life flows into human experience.

Say this truth aloud. "I have what I need when I need it and I have plenty of it to spare and to share."

See how you feel when those words come from you! You are announcing the very presence of a power for good that is forever revealing itself. We are staking our claim as its co-creator. We are giving to ourselves the very thing the world needs to know. But the world will never know it if we do not know it first. We are the change we wish to see.

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