Dec 26, 2017

Set Your Intentions

We have come to that place in time that ends one year and begins another. The continuation of what has been up until now is a choice. We can set something new in motion if we choose to think in a new way. That will be impossible if we carry into tomorrow what we resisted yesterday. It is time for a deep cleansing of the mind and heart.

This last week of 2017 is ripe with meaning if we take advantage of it. Instead of thinking of something ending, let's consider this a launch week. We are setting a new consciousness in motion and it will have its effects in time and space. Resolutions are meaningless unless they are intentions. So let's establish some, such as:

  • I intend to realize my true potential this year
  • I intend to spread the word of New Thought in greater ways than ever before
  • I intend to prosper mightily and to share my good joyfully
  • I intend to feel and express real love
  • I intend to revitalize my health with wise choices

Spend a little time this week setting some intentions. Write them out and place them where you can see them. It is all about keeping in mind what we want to have in our life.

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