Oct 24, 2017


Do you often hear people saying such things as "I don't trust the weather" or "I can't trust my kids" or "I have no trust in this person." Lots of folks have trust issues but the underlying one is a lack of self-trust! Do we trust ourselves to be authentically us in any situation? Do we feel we can see through the problem to a solution? Are we capable and effective in the midst of challenge?

A lack of self-trust is sometimes the cause behind possessiveness or jealousy. If we trust ourselves to be faithful and loyal, why would we question the motives of our partner? We are experiencing the content of our own mind all the time. Our spiritual practice is not something outside of our day to day life. If we are having trouble trusting others, we might want to lengthen our meditation a bit or create some new affirmations. It has to do with loving the self and feeling loved by the Self that lies behind the personality. Meditation helps us to be more aware of its presence.

Self-trust is key to personal happiness. It extends into all the choices we make; what we eat, who are our friends, where we live, the work we do, the state of our health and everything else! Are we making conscious choices based on knowing we can trust our intuition, our instincts, our own wisdom? If we can answer in the affirmative, then we are always free to make new choices should we decide to do so. A person who loves and honors their very own Being is not self-destructive or self-sabotaging and they make great partners in any venture.

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