Jan 5, 2018

Self Care and Self Love

Mornings here are very quiet, which I appreciate. It is good to start the day slowly and to be alone with the Self before we engage with the world. Then we take with us a core of stability that serves us throughout the day. Things come and go. The news is an accounting of the worst of human behavior. The weather can be a challenge in some places and our friends are busy elsewhere. We need to be rock solid in our sense of our own wholeness and reality. We are the only thing we ever truly experience with any regularity.

It is all perception, as has been taught by the spiritual masters. We are seeing Life through the lens of our own self-assessment. That being the case, we ought to include ourselves in our love; in our generosity; in any form of compassion and caring; in any sense of celebration. What is active in us, is ours to give. If it is not active in us, we will be like kids on a scavenger hunt, seeking everywhere for the tiniest crumb of acceptance.

Perhaps we ought to make self-care and self-love part of our promise in the new year. We get in our own way with our bad moods and our fear of rejection. We would be much more welcomed by the world if we went into it with our arms embracing ourselves first. "Here I am. I am safe to be with. I want nothing from you but to bask in our shared delight in being." Imagine what that would be like.

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