May 5, 2018

Rise of the Feminine

Mother’s Day is coming up soon.  My talk title for that day is "Mrs. God." I am so tired of the dearth of the Feminine in our world, our spirituality, our policy-making and the stronghold of patriarchy in general.  Our cosmology is laughably out of date.  In order to be in line with Reality, the Feminine must rise up, because the powers that think they are made in the image and likeness of the male God are not going to invite her to come to the table.

Almost all great changes come from rebellion or revolution. Women getting the right to vote, civil rights in general, same sex marriage, are all the results of people standing up and shouting “we are not going to take it any longer!” What looks like anger is righteous indignation, necessary to the stick-to-it energy that change-makers must have.

The first step is revealing the problem.  That is what the "me too" movement is all about.  Women have been whispering to each other about sexual abuse for decades.  Now we are coming out in full battle dress, demanding change.  Why is this a spiritual problem?  Why were Blacks treated so horribly?  Why were gays imprisoned for their natural sexuality?  Because these folks are not like the white male God that men created in their image and likeness eons ago.

There are wonderfully balanced men who have allowed the Feminine in themselves to be a full partner. They are as concerned about patriarchy as women are. We are grateful for these awakened men.  Together we will make the change.

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