Nov 6, 2017

Return to Where We Began

Jesus advised us to "Be as little children." He was referring to a state of mind that opens the portals of happiness and creativity. Unfortunately his words have been misinterpreted to mean entrance into Heaven after death. He spoke in parable and metaphor, knowing the message endures when it is in some kind of story form. We can all relate to children who are present in the moment without judgement and condemnation, free of preconceived notions and brilliant at making up their reality. Isn't that the New Thought teaching in a few words?

You and I make up our reality with our beliefs and expectations. We bring our awareness, and nothing else, into every moment. The body follows what the mind is doing. Consequently, wherever we are, whatever is happening, we are only experiencing our perception. All life and life experience begins in the inner and is revealed in the outer.

Jesus was saying, more or less; if you want to be happy, free and creative, clear the mind of preconceived limitation; expect life to support you, release judgments, stay open to possibility, be present and in love with life, now. It seems as if what we call the expansion of awareness is actually a circle and we come back to the origins of our own Be-ing. The more spiritually evolved we are, the more child-like we become. We return to the place we began.

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