Aug 31, 2017

Respect for Nature

Disasters bring out the best and the worst in humans. So does everyday life. It is just magnified during times of the catastrophes that affect multitudes. We react and/or respond to any situation according to our deepest beliefs about ourselves, others and our common ground. If we do not realize our unity with all people, we will seek out those most like ourselves and we will assist them first.

The God (or lack of it) we believe in, colors every choice we make. If we know the Source is immediate, inexhaustible and forever pouring out blessings, we will give without fear of loss, love unconditionally, share what we have. Most of all we will do it with the sense that a higher good for all is inherent in the experience.

What good could possibly come from Hurricane Harvey? Other than the experience of our fellow humans reaching out to one another with love and respect, which is huge, it might also bring us to a shared understanding of the effects of climate change. Masses of folks have been denying its existence, and doing so at our peril. We must act now, listen to the scientists and change how we live. We know what to do. The problem is so many do not want to do it! If life is worth living, then let's make sure our planet will support us. It cannot give us what we really need if we continue to interfere with Nature. She knows what to do, how to do it, and when. She will eventually put the planet back in balance with or without us. If we want to live here, we need to love and respect our Mother.

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