Feb 16, 2018

Renew Our Minds

The ones we need to "pray for" is us. Humanity is at a crossroads. The old way of problem solving through violence has reared its head once again, close to home. It is common throughout the world but the U.S. has long thought of itself as a safe nation. As one of the most influential cultures on the planet, it is our responsibility to show the way, to lead, to be what we claimed to be. The rampant ownership of guns is the effect of a mind-set that is rooted in "us and them" thinking. We also see it in the immigration debate.

A large portion of the American population believes they are under threat from people who were born and raised in another country. They fear difference. But the greatest evil against innocent citizens is perpetrated by troubled, young, white American males. Our boys are in jeopardy. They are lost in the energy of hate and misguided bigotries. They have been denied their own Feminine nature to the detriment of all of us. Not allowed to open their minds and hearts to the whole world, to natural love and compassion, they defend, attack and finally attempt to end the pain by inflicting it on others. Many of them turn to drugs to alleviate the suffering that attends living without one's whole self.

Know for us all "The One Power that everything and everyone arises from is now on the move, changing minds, healing hearts, dis-arming the armed and awakening Love. This power is greater than any ignorance. It obliterates it instantaneously. Our world is transformed by the renewing of our minds." Keep knowing this; feel it, expect it. Insist on it.

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