Mar 5, 2018

Refuel Your Soul

You are driving along looking at the beautiful scenery on a country road. Perhaps you are traveling to see family or old friends. Your car begins to shudder and lose power. You suddenly realize you have not paid attention to the fuel gauge and you are running on empty. Inconvenient is an understatement. The next few hours will be spent walking in unfamiliar territory, attempting to solve the problem.

Fuel is essential. Our body needs food and water to keep us up and running. In our work it is energy and interest in what we are doing. In relationships, the fuel is mutual devotion and respect. Spiritually we need to fill up everyday with a sense of support from the universe itself. We need to reconnect with that pure Intelligence and infinite Love of our Source.

We need thoughts that are like high octane gasoline. Thoughts that are injected with fire and feeling, truth and conviction. We need to feed the soul, spark the mind and prepare for this journey we are taking called our life. The metaphor is good to keep in mind when we are feeling run down and out of sync with things. We have not been paying attention to the fuel gauge. Have we forgotten our spiritual practice and allowed problem solving to take its place? Have we been ingesting the fuel of fear?

The mind is like your car. We will enjoy this trip much more when we have made sure our tank is full.

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