Dec 18, 2017

Reframing of Self Worth

There was an inspiring story on 60 minutes last evening. It was a clear depiction of what can happen when a person decides to change their belief system. It begins in the poorer section of a major US city. A young boy with immigrant parents was bullied and made fun of in school. His hurt turned into hopelessness and anger, making him ripe for a gang leader to recruit. This particular gang leader was a white supremacist.

Drawn into a culture of power and purpose, it was easy for him to buy into their lies and rhetoric about people who were not white, anglo saxon, male. A natural leader, he became a recruiter himself. After years of violence he began to shift one day when he and his friends were severely beating a young black man. The victim caught his eye and they made a connection. This had never happened to him before and it deeply affected him. It was the first step into freedom from hate and anger. He never used violence on another person again. It took some time before he extricated himself from that world, but he did it.

He is now a well known "healer" of men who have become entangled in that underworld of violence and hate. He helps them come back to themselves, an inner place where the anger and hate never truly existed. They were created by others who seemed to be "family." All of the men in the white supremacist movement that he knew had come from similar backgrounds of rejection, never fitting in, sometimes no father figure, poverty and a sense of powerlessness, or having been indoctrinated from early childhood by relatives. It is truly the definition of a vicious cycle.

It was such an example of what our beliefs can do to us, even when they are not true! It is all rooted in self-identity. If we feel worthless, we will find a way to be worthier than someone or some people. This now mature man is showing that a reframing of one's self worth is the key to unlocking the higher nature. It is still there.

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