Feb 23, 2018

Prosperous Thinking

One of the key ingredients of a prospering consciousness is to be happy for the success of others. Watching the Olympics this past week, I have been struck by the genuine respect the athletes have for each other, even their opponents. It is such a good example of how much richer all of our lives could be if we removed any sense of envy from our minds. Be happy for all the people in your life who are doing well.

Do you ever notice yourself being judgmental of wealthy people you don't even know? Be careful with that attitude. It is a subtle way of thinking there is not enough for you or that there is some reason why you do not have and they do. Prosperous thinking is big, inclusive, generous, joyful. When something good happens to someone else, celebrate it. Say "Isn't that wonderful!"

Be sure to notice the good in your life, too. Sometimes we negate the more ordinary gifts that come to us because we are overly focused on what we think is missing. Be grateful that someone took you to dinner, paid your way to the movies or gave you a compliment. It is all prosperity on the move. These things are not small, they are part of a larger manifestation. I call it Flow. When we maintain the gratitude attitude, we are in the flow and accessible to ever increasing good.

Try this: "My everyday life is a living example of ever increasing Good. I am happy for the Good I see others receiving, as well as my own continuous prosperity."

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