Aug 11, 2017

Proclaim Your Wholeness

One of the more elusive aspects of New Thought spirituality is how we "pray." We are not asking for something to happen, we are shifting our perception of what is true about us, regardless of what is happening. In other words, behind and within the experience of lack is infinite supply. We need to re-identify ourselves as the distributor of that lavish abundance. If it is a health issue, we need to know our wholeness is forever intact and is greater than any condition.

We call this Spiritual Mind Treatment. The treating of our mind to our spiritual truth. If a person would be "praying" in the old way, asking "God" for something, they ought to ask for a change of mind. But however we get there, that is what is acting as Cause; the ideas we hold to be true about ourselves, our Source, the universe in general. Is it supportive of its creation? Yes, to the degree that the vibrational field of the entity is in harmony with it. In us, that means the atmosphere of our own mind.

Are we more aware of lack, illness and conflict than we are of supply, vitality and love? Do we dwell on what seems to be missing in our world or are we cultivating the ability to see through the appearance into the Source that is right there? In the midst of poverty is prosperity; where there is anger, there is peace: where there is indifference, there is love; where there is disease, there is vitality. They are present all the time behind our limited use of them.

Take up the cause in your own mind. Proclaim your wholeness, vitality, supply, love and joy. These are the building blocks of human experience. Attach your self identity to them and notice how your "prayers" seem to be answered.

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