Jan 30, 2018

Principle Needs No Precedent

There is an ever-lasting truth that explains everything. It is "principle over precedent." As has been observed by Thomas Troward in his book "The Creative Process in the Individual" the very things we enjoy today, such as air travel, space exploration, phones in our pockets, computers and so on, were laughed at in the past as the fantasies of an unbalanced mind! What happened to make them possible? We learned the principles of such things as electro-magnetism, locomotion, aero-dynamics, etc. We have proven the principle to be capable of producing greater results than in previous times, when we did not know how to use it correctly.

Everything we enjoy today existed as a possibility in the days of the Neanderthals. It was the human species that became more aware of the reality it lived in, better able to advance its own ideas. Having said all that, what is the principle that will allow humanity to live in peace and prosperity? The precedent for our shared life has been war and want for many. But the principle is cooperation and plenty. How did we go so wrong in our use of it? Big subject.

Starting with erroneous ideas about a God that favors some over others, superstition about science and its tendency to level the playing field, therefore destroying our perceived superiroity over those not like us; but mostly our lack of understanding that the principle of possibility exists in us and responds to us by corresponding to our use of it.

Nutshell: Gandhi said it best "Be the change you wish to see in the world." It doesn't matter one whit what has happened in our past. Principle needs no precedent to act! It does not solve problems, it creates from our current perception of reality, now.

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