Sep 5, 2017

Perception is Everything

The Dollar Tree has become my "go-to place" for household cleaning products and kitchen tools. Yesterday I went in for some dishwashing detergent and noticed a shelf of books! Wow, I thought, now they are stocking new books! This is great! At the checkout counter I said to the manager, "Thanks for bringing in books." He replied, "We have always had books here." I was dumbfounded. Having visited the store dozens of times, never did I see a shelf of books! The only explanation is that I did not expect them to be in a Dollar store. Why now? The whole place has been renovated and more products added. I guess my perception had expanded without my even knowing it had done so!

Perception is everything. Life is a constant experience of discovery if we allow as how we cannot possibly know everything and/or see it all, but that "it" is all here for us to notice! Think about that. We might be caught up in the grip of temporary lack, but wealth and abundance is everywhere. There is enough of everything all the time. Do we perceive ourselves as wealthy people? When we are sick there is raw vitality in constant motion. We call it health. It is not a luxury item. It is common. Do we expect that we will always be healthy? Why not?

Our perception is intrinsically tied to our sense of basic Reality. Do we perceive the Source of all to be right where we are, attempting to pour itself into the mold of our expectations? Ah. That is a perception that would change everything for the better. We would then see our part as co-creator with it. We would understand that all we must do is expand our thoughts to include the best of everything. Of course we are happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. Of course we have meaningful work and loving relationships. Of course there is peace in our world.

Then, we would know that Life is supplying us with whatever we believe to be present, right here, right now, all the time, and it has always been so.

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