Nov 2, 2017

People are Wonderful

Flying home yesterday from Calgary to Houston for my connection to El Paso, I met the most delightful people. A brother and sister and their friend were headed to New Orleans for a Saints game. Since they had never been there and I had, it was fun suggesting my favorite eateries and jazz clubs. Point being, even though they were from Saskatoon with very different life experiences from me and were 20 years younger than I am, we established an instant camaraderie. After we landed, they went their way and I went mine. We did not trade contact info, but I will remember them fondly.

For me, that is life in a nutshell; connecting with people, seeing how the same we are with our many differences. Laughing and "talking story" (as they say in Hawaii) and simply enjoying each other. The other benefit of my trip was seeing old friends and students in Calgary. I spoke there to lavish love and praise. It was so moving, validating and freely given. I was very touched.

I am reminded today of a sign I once saw in a store window: "People are wonderful, Business is great!" That's my truth and I am sticking to it!

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